How is the experience of the full-voice plot? \\\"Blue Oath\\\" writes the poem of victory for you2019-08-28

3D real-time warship girl mobile game "Blue Oath" open beta is in progress! In addition to the breathtaking sea battles that fight alongside the warship girl, "Blue Oath" also has a unique "Oss" worldview, which tells the story of fate and fetter on this stage. The plot of "Blue Oath" is presented in a full-voice manner by many Japanese popular voice actresses. The well-known composer team creates an exclusive soundtrack to present an immersive story atmosphere for the commander.

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Popular voice actresses performed various personalities of the warship girls


In the “Blue Oath ", there are nearly 100 different characters of the warship girls, they not only have their own unique image, but also many Japanese popular voice actresses give them vivid voices. Super popular voice actress Mizuki Nana is the voice of Shane Horst, who shows up in the "Twin Sisters" event. The voice of the powerful sister perfectly shows the confidence and a strong personality of Shane Horst. Under the interpretation on the cute voice of Tange Sakura, the Wujia Princess Phoenix and the petite girl Helena show two different feelings of enthusiasm and loveliness.

The voices of the warship girls are not only accompanied by the commanders in the main interface of the game and in the battle, but each line in the plot is also presented in the form of voice. There are various events and scenes in the plot. In different stories, the warship girls can present richer emotions and convey them to the commander by voice. In the story of full-voice, the characters of the warship girls can be more full-fledged.


Rich sound effects create a sense of substitution of the plot


The plot performance of "Blue Oath" not only loads the character voice, but also has a rich soundtrack and a variety of sound effects to express the characteristics of different scenes. The development team invites the famous composers and groups such as Fujisawa Yoshiaki, Shuichiro Fukuhiro, Moriaki Masatoshi, G-angle, etc. to create BGM. Both the grandeur of the sea battle and the relaxing moments are presented by the pleasant music to the commander.

The special sound effect adds to the sense of presence of the plot. When the warship girl Apricot remotely contacts the commander, the voice will have the effect of electronic sound. When the girls quarrel in the sea, the sound of stepping on the water brings out a proud emotion of the girls. When the carrier aircraft appears, there will be special sound effects of the aircraft flying over the sky. The elaborate performances allow the players to be on the scene and immerse themselves in the atmosphere created by the plot to push the story to a climax.


The immersive experience of the full-voice story of“Blue Oath " is definitely not to be missed. The special combat activity "Twin Sisters" is in the midst of a fierce battle. The new characters will be on the scene, the activities will be opened in limited time, as well as the special plots. The truth of the mysterious Mulber invasion will be explored together with the battle cruiser twins Shane Horst and Gneisenau!